Once your new tattoo is glistening on your arm, you need to take good care of it. Especially if you want it to stay looking good. And while I can give you all the great advice in the studio, once you leave, it’s up to you to care for your new body art.

A simple internet search will throw up a lot of conflicting information. Even something as simple as the type of cream to use can be a nightmare to navigate. And while some aftercare methods work flawlessly for some people, the same method won’t suit everyone.

So, as a seasoned professional, I’ve put together this tried and tested after care advice, suitable for the majority of skin types.

Initial aftercare

When you leave the studio, your new tattoo will be wrapped up in the clingfilm we provided. And while your family and friends will be clamouring to see your new ink, its best to keep it covered for at least 3-4 hours.

When you do remove the clingfilm, gently wash the whole area with warm water and soap. But don’t use a cloth or sponge, and don’t rub the area either.

Pat the area dry, with something that won’t leave fibers on your skin. That’s because these fibers can get inside the tattoo and cause an infection. Kitchen roll, or a clean, non-fluffy towel are good options.

Then apply a thin layer of Easy Tattoo to the tattooed area, with clean hands. Don’t use too much, as you can clog the pores and cause an infection. But not using enough will not help keep the area hydrated.

For the next 2-3 weeks, you will need to apply Easy Tattoo a couple of times a day to make sure the tattoo is staying nice and hydrated. Make sure your hands are clean whenever you are applying cream or lotion to the tattoo area to avoid infection.

tattoo aftercare

You should avoid:

After getting a tattoo, for the first 2-3 weeks, you should avoid:

  • Submerging your tattoo in dirty water. This includes long luxurious baths, as well as any kind of swimming.
  • Exposing your tattoo to the sun. Direct sunlight, or even sunbeds, can be terrible for a healing tattoo. And once it is all healed up, you should make sure you wear a strong factor suncream on the tattooed area. This will help prevent fading.
  • Picking and scratching your new tattoo. Honestly, nothing is worse for a healing tattoo than someone picking it. Not only are you opening it up to infection, but you could lose detail and colour from the tattoo by pulling at flaky skin. It’s normal for a tattoo to flake and itch, so just leave it to do its own thing.