First tattoo? Or a regular visitor? Either way, if you’ve got questions, here are some answers:

Q. What does it cost for a tattoo?

A. All tattoos are different. Some take a few hours, other take many days to complete. My hourly rate is £60 with a minimum of £30 for any sitting. Full day rates are from £360 – £420 depending on how long you’d like the day to be! The best way to get an accurate quote is to talk to me directly about your design ideas, the location of the tattoo, and the size of the tattoo. Each of these factors will influence the price.

Q. What is the legal age requirement for a tattoo in the UK?

A. You must be at least 18 years old to be tattooed in the UK. Even minors accompanied by a legal guardian will not be tattooed. You may be asked for ID to prove your age.

Q. Is it painful to be tattooed?

A. It can be. But pain is different for everyone. And different areas of the body can hurt more than others. But it’s always worth it!

Q. Will I get an infection?

A. Here at the studio we have a 5 star hygiene rating. I always use brand new single use needles and follow the sterilization techniques to the letter. You wont come away from here with an infection, and as long as you follow our aftercare precautions, you shouldn’t develop an infection either.

Q. Can you tattoo over scars and stretch marks?

A. Of course, but this will be to varying degrees of success. While the tattoo will make your scars or stretch marks less noticeable, they will still be visible. This is because the texture of the skin doesn’t change when you have a tattoo.

Q. What should I avoid doing, after getting a tattoo?

A. It’s best to avoid exposing your tattoo to UV from the sun or sunbeds, swimming and chlorine, and alcohol based products for at least 20 days. It can take a tattoo up to 30 days to heal, so protect it during this time. Take a look at our aftercare guide for more information.

[accordion-item_inner title=”Q. Can I Make An Appointment?“] [/accordion-item_inner]

A. Yes its easy to make an appointment. Just fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Send an image with your design ideas and we’ll find it easier to move forward.

Q. Can you do cover ups?

A. Of course. Although it will be necessary to take a look at the existing tattoo in person first, so we can discuss your cover up ideas.

Q. How do I prepare for my tattoo booking?

A. Make sure you have your ID with you, especially if you have the privilege of looking younger than you are. And be sure to eat before you come in. Some sugary snacks can be a good idea while you are being tattooed. You should also be well hydrated, and make sure your skin is clean, and ready to be tattooed.

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